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Uzbekistan Travel Pictures

Highlights: Uzbekistan lies at the heart of Central Asia. The Silk Road came through here and Alexander the Great conquered this land.

Capital Tashkent
Population 25,981,647
Area 447,400
Official Languages Uzbek
Best time to visit April to June

Camel Rider Building
A camel in Khiva, Uzbekistan waits for his rider inside this ancient building

Mausoleum Complex
Ancient mausoleum complex in Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Gooses Charvak Lake
Gooses on water in Charvak lake near Brichmulla, Uzbekistan

Mountains Uzbekistan
Mountains in Uzbekistan are picturesque and rugged

Museums Plentiful Ornate
Museums like this are plentiful and ornate, such as this is with a round roof

Orthodoxy Cross Chimgan
Orthodoxy cross on top of the Chimgan mountain with mountain country in the background

Bukhara Ancient Historic
The old town of Bukhara is ancient and historic

Registan Samarkand Silk Road
The Registan in Samarkand on the ancient silk road of Central Asia in Uzbekistan

Islam Complex Khiva
The truly magnificent Islam Hoja complex stands majestically in Khiva

Doll Costumes Markets
Uzbekistan traditional doll characters and costumes sold in markets and street all over Uzbekistan from Tasken to Bukhara

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