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Turkmenistan Travel Pictures

Highlights: The native Turkmen of this region are only a generation or two removed from being nomads.

Capital Ashgabat
Population 4,775,544
Area 488,100
Official Languages Turkmen
Best time to visit Spring (April to June) and autumn (September to November)

Woven Skull Caps
3 beautifully woven skull-caps, locally found in Ashkhabad market

Gas Oil Building Ashghabat
The new ministry for gas and oil building is modern and new, located near Ashghabat

Ertogrul Gazy Mosque
Ertogrul Gazy, a modern mosque that Turkey paid to have built in Ashgabad

Olympic Stadium Desert
The main Olympic Stadium stands regally in the desert

Woven Bags Ashkhabad Market
Delicately woven handmade bags can be found in Ashkhabad market

Jewelry Silver Stones
Locally made jewelry made of silver and semi-precious stones

Snow Palm Trees
Snow falls on palm trees, lampposts, and a working fountain near Ashkhabad

Presidential Palace
The presidential palace stands regally alongside other ancient buildings

Fountain National Library
The fountain in front of the national library

Turkmen Kopetdag Mountain Range
Turkmen Köpetdag mountain range is the background behind this old tree

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