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Turkey Travel Pictures

Highlights: Turkey is a bridge between Asia and Europe. Great coastlines and great food.

Capital Ankara
Population 68,109,469
Area 780,580
Official Languages Turkish
Best time to visit Spring (April to May), Autumn (September to October)

Carpet Shops Grand Bazaar
Carpet shops in the Grand Bazaar

Fethiye Oludeniz Coast
The beautiful Fethiye Oludeniz Coast and beach

Boats Myndos Bay
Boats traverse Gumusluk Myndos Bay, near Bodrum Turkey

Ruins Ancient City
Ruins from the ancient city of Aphrodisias

Seaside Oludeniz
Seaside beach from Oludeniz beach, near Fethie

Blue Mosque Sultan Camii
The Blue Mosque for Sultan Ahmed Camii is one of the oldest structures in Turkey.

Colossal Statues Giants
The colossal statues on the top of Nemrut Mountain stand like giants

Blue Mosque Lights
As night falls, the blue mosque is illuminated by bright lights

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