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Tunisia Travel Pictures

Highlights: Home of the archaeological site of Carthage which is rich in mythology.

Capital Tunis
Population 9,924,742
Area 164,000
Official Languages Arabic
Best time to visit Mid-March to mid-May

Camel Caravan Desert
Camel caravan going through the sand dunes in the Sahara Desert, Morocco

Camel Beach Djerb
Camels on the beach of Djerb

Architecture Great Mosque
Great architecture can be found at the Great Mosque of Kairouan, Tunisia

Mosque Tower Arch
Mosque tower framed with ornamental arch in Tunis

Beach Djerba Umbrellas
The beach on Djerba island is littered with these tiki-like umbrellas.

Seaside Ruins Carthage
Seaside ruins of Carthage in Tunis

River Mides
The river in the gorge, Mides, is amongst multiple rock formations

El Jem Largest Colosseum
El Jem (ancient Thysdrus), ruins of the largest colosseum in North Africa

Chebika Mountains Oasis Pond
The Chebika mountains offer an occasion oasis pond

Waterfall Desert Oasis
Waterfall at a desert oasis

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