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Somalia Travel Pictures

Highlights: The climate here is continuously hot despite having some of the longest beaches in Africa.

Capital Mogadishu
Population 8,025,190
Area 637,657
Official Languages Somali
Best time to visit July to August or January to February

Gabbra Nomadic Hut
A gabbra nomadic hut in its natural state

Adult Somali Bird
An adult Somali Courser Cursorius somalensis, a native bird of Somalia

Native Buffalo
A native Buffalo looks on as he is surrounded by other native Buffaloes

Somali Woman
The typical face of a beautiful Somali Woman

Tank Somalia Ethiopia
A Damaged Tank at the border of Somalia and Ethiopia

Hands Payday
The hands of boy yearning to earn an honest day's pay

Map Africa
An old 1800's map of Africa, faded and worn

Somali Giraffes
A Pair of Reticulated or Somali Giraffes (Giraffa Camelopardalis reticulata) in their native surroundings

Somali Camels
Somali camels have relatively very wide feet to walk upon

Somalian Cats
A Somalian cat with calico colors

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