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Serbia Travel Pictures

Highlights: Belgrade has a great nightlife.

Capital Belgrade
Population 9,393,400
Area 88,361
Official Languages Serbian
Best time to visit July to September

Autumnal Landscape
The autumnal landscape of Serbian countryside is full of color and life

Victory Monument Kalemegdan Park
The victory monument in Kalemegdan park

Historic Belgrade Mayoral House
The historic Belgrade Mayoral House.

Kotor Serbia Montenegro
The seaside cities of Kotor, Serbia & Montenegro during Spring

Monastery Ostrog
The Monastery Ostrog, a miracle built by nature and human interactions

Monument Serbian Prince
The Monument to a Serbian Prince at Republic Square

First Public Monuments
One of the first public monuments in Belgrade

Skyline Prishtina
The skyline of Prishtina, Kosovo is a combination of modern and ancient buildings

Belgrade Port City
The port city of Belgrade has commercial and industrial ships that go through it.

Village Hill Negotin
The village on a hill is the name of the city of Negotin`s frontier, Serbia

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