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Qatar Travel Pictures

Corniche Doha
A typical afternoon scene on the Corniche river in Doha, Qatar

Pleasure Cruise
An Arabian pleasure-cruise tied up in the Dhow Harbour, on the Doha Corniche.

Qatar Landmarks
The Clocktower, the Green mosque, the Emir's palace and the sun, four Qatar landmarks

Couple Islamic Art
Couple in front of the Museum of Islamic art in Doha

Government Building
High-rise government and commercial building in the main construction area in Doha, Qatar

Night Skyline
Museum of Islamic Art and Doha skyline at night, Qatar

Dhows Doha
Old dhows and the Doha skyline in the background

Sea Level
A Sea level desert in Qatar is mostly barren and dry

Oyster Pearl Trade
The famous huge oyster representing the vibrant pearl trade in Doha, Qatar.

Pearl Artificaial Island
The pearl in Doha, Qatar; a new artificial island in the Persian Gulf in the shape of a pearl

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