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Portugal Travel Pictures

Fatima Portugal
The city of Fátima, Portugal is both historic and unique

Fruit Tree
A fruit tree plantation in the Algarve hills

Beach Madeira
A beach view near the old city of Madeira

Oporto City
The historic city of Oporto city, where two Rebelo Boats in the river (Douro) at sunset are framed by the old city and the D. Luis bridge

Cove Praia
Quiet cove at Praia da Marinha, Algarve, Portugal

San Miguel Island
The San Miguel Island, located near Azores, a pristine island of pure beauty

Vasco De Gama
The Vasco da Gama bridge is the largest in Europe with a length of 17.2 km (10 miles), 10 km of which are over the Tagus river.

Douro Vineyards
A bird's eye view of Port wine vineyards, located near the city Douro

Vineyard Cultivate
A vineyard in Douro Valley, where wine is cultivated

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