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Papua-New-Guinea Travel Pictures

Highlights: The five million people living here are living much the same way as they have for the prior thousands of years.

Capital Port Moresby
Population 5,295,816
Area 462,840
Official Languages English
Best time to visit June to September

Wild Boar Forest
A wild boar lies in the grass of Papua-New Guinea forest

Papau Coastline
Papau New Guinea coastline and Palm Oil Plantations in the background

Colors Corals Reef
Different colors and types of coral abound in the Indo-Pacific reef

White Coral
Glowing white coral glistening in the Indo-Pacific ocean

Green Tree Python
Green Tree Python (Morelia viridis) from Papua New Guinea

Mudmen Show
Mudmen, or head hunters, putting on a show

Shallow Reef
A shallow reef is a common feature in this tropical island setting

Trevally Jacks
Trevally Jacks in their native setting often travel in schools

Tropical Island Resort
A typical tropical island resort off the coastline

Woman Drum Ceremony
A woman beating a hand-made drum as part of a tribal ceremony

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