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Pakistan Travel Pictures

Colonnade Portico
Colonnade or portico arcade of probably 40-60 year old Mosque with painted fiascos and wood and cement carving work, in a small village of Punjab Pakistan.

Badshahi Mosque
Early morning in Badshahi Mosque, near Lahore, Pakistan

Beggar Alms
Beggar waiting for alms sitting at a busy street.

Makli Hills
Makli hills, an ancient graveyard spread over 10 Km some 100 Km from Karachi, Pakistan; it is a United Nations Heritage Site.

Man Quran
Man Reading the Quran

Nanga Parbat
Nanga Parbat (also known as Nangaparbat Peak or Diamir) is the ninth highest mountain on Earth and the 2nd highest in Pakistan

Oasis Hushe
An oasis on the Hushe River bank, located near Karakoram, Pakistan

Paradise Karakoram
A virtual paradise in the Karakoram, an oasis nearby K6

Pakistanian Truck
A traditionally decorated Pakistanian Truck, located near Pasu, Pakistan

Hushe Shyok
The Hushe River meets the Shyok River near Karakoram, Pakistan

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