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Mongolia Travel Pictures

Highlights: The land of Genghis Khan.

Capital Ulaan Baatar
Population 2,712,315
Area 1,565,000
Official Languages Mongolian
Best time to visit May to October

Forest Ejina
The golden Forest of Ejina, Inner Mongolia, China

Golden Eagle
The Golden Eagle is native to Mongolia (Aquila chrysaetos)

Girl Balloons Fields
A girl having fun with balloons, running in the fields of a nearby Mongolian field

Great Wall
The Great Wall of China stretches across the countryside

Mongolian Boy Herding
Mongolian boy herding his flock of sheeps and goats

Mongolian Fishing
Mongolian man fishing in one of the many Mongolian lakes

Camping Site Yurta
The camping-site (yurta) for tourist in central Mongolia

Erdene Zuu Monastery
The Erdene Zuu monastery is the most ancient Buddhist monastery in Mongolia

Lake Hovsgol
A pristine lake, Hovsgol Lake serves many purposes for nearby inhabitants, including fishing

Mongolian Boy Horse
Young Mongolian boy with his horse

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