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Mali Travel Pictures

Nomad Timbuktu
A nomad with his camels in silhouette against the bright setting sun, near Timbuktu in Mali

Dogon Masked Dancers
Dogon masked dancers in the village of Irelli, Mali

Dogon Stilts Masks
Dogon people of Mali in west Africa, on tall stilts and wearing cowrie shell masks

Koulikoro Market
The historic Koulikoro market is often busy and filled with people

La Falaise
La Falaise (The cliff) Pays near Dogon, Mali is a marvel to behold

Sand Dunes Timbuktu
Looking across the sand dunes of the Sahara Desert towards the legendary city of Timbuktu

Mosque Djenne
The Great Mosque at Djenne, the largest mud building in the world.

Malian Woman
Malian woman along the Niger river.

Sunset Baobab
Sunset upon a Baobab Tree

Village Shrine
The village shrine in Sanga, near the Dogon region

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