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Kampung Baru Hawker Stalls

I have spent a lot of time in Kuala Lumpur and one thing you will notice quite quickly is that it is hard to find authentic Malay food. The city is overrun with Chinese and Indian food and that is okay with me because the food is good! But if you are in Malaysia, you want to have Malaysian food.

Kampung Baru is one of the last Malay neighborhoods in the heart of KL. In fact, visiting the hawker stalls here was rated as the #3 thing to do in KL over at Lonely Planet. For that reason I decided to come check out the place.

chicken beef murtabak

Pictured above is murtabak. A fried outer layer with ground chicken (or beef) inside.

kampung baru fruit stand

Very colorful fruit stand.

kampung baru hawker stall

Lots of food to be found in this neighborhood.

murtabak hawker stall

This is the woman making murtabak.

stalls with petronas towers

This is a picture of the view you would get from one of the alleys in Kampung Baru. It rained this day so the traffic not quite as heavy as it probably normally is.