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Lithuania Travel Pictures

Highlights: Lithuania and Poland once shared an empire together. Many tour services offer tours for Poland and Lithuania together.

Capital Vilnius
Population 3,592,561
Area 65,200
Official Languages Lithuanian
Best time to visit May to September

Seaside Cliff Baltic Sea
A seaside cliff on the banks of a Baltic sea beach

Native Goat
A native goat enjoying a nice day on the farm

Tree Autumn
A golden tree in autumn with a blue skied background

City Architecture Vilnius
Modern city building architecture in Vilnius, Lithuania

Churches Vilnius
One of the many beautiful churches in Vilnius

Landscape Grey Dunes
One of the most spectacular landscapes of the Curonian Spit, the Grey Dunes

Summer Scene
Summer scene with lake in the forefront, green forest in the background

Trakai Castle
The historic Trakai castle

Confluence Rivers
A park near the confluence of the two rivers of Neris and Nemunas, near the old city of Kaunas.

Cityscape Vilnius
Cityscape view of Vilnius, Lithuania

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