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Japan Travel Pictures

Highlights: Japan has more than 1500 yearl earthquakes.

Capital Tokyo
Population 127,214,499
Area 377,835
Official Languages Japanese
Best time to visit March to April

Amida Buddha Statue
Amida Buddha Statue at Kotokuin Temple

Asian Bamboo
Asian Bamboo forest in the late afternoon sun

Flowers Japanese Garden
Flowers with japanese garden and bridge in the background

Sumo Fighters
Sumo fighters in action

Fuji Mountain
The Fuji mountain is a holy natural structure, where gods reside

Fuji Mountain 2
Mt. Fuji behind city buildings

Fuji Mountain 3
Rows of fresh green tea plants with Mount Fuji in the background

Asakusa Kannon Temple
The Asakusa Kannon Temple is the oldest temple in Tokyo

Train Shinkansen
The JR700 model train Shinkansen passing by the Fuji mountains

Tokyo Skyscraper
A new Tokyo skyscraper building which unique structural designs

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