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Iraq Travel Pictures

Highlights: Iraq has long been the host to some great culture. For example, the Mesopotamians developed writing, mathematics, and astronomy. The medieval Islamic period brought great architecture to the area.

Capital Baghdad
Population 24,683,313
Area 437,072
Official Languages Arabic, Kurdish
Best time to visit April to September

Coalition Soldiers Iraq
A group of coalition soldiers and civilians deployed to Iraq, practice Tae Kwon Do.

Arbil Castle
The Arbil Castle, located in Kurdistan

Baghdad International Airport
The modern Baghdad Iraq international airport.

Baghdad Mosque
A Baghdad Mosque on a dusty desert evening in Iraq

Dokan River
The Dokan River in Sulaimaniya, Kurdistan is an oasis in the desert

Teapot Rugs
Gold teapot and Oriental rugs on display in antiques shop in Baghdad

Kandil Mountains
The majestic Kandil Mountains located in Kurdistan.

Road Ramadi
A mud-clogged road in Ramadi, with coalition forces in the background

Relic of the national god Ashur

The cityscape view of the city Zakho, located in Kurdistan

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