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Indonesia Travel Pictures

Highlights: Six thousand of Indonesia's eighteen thousand islands are uninhabited.

Capital Jakarta
Population 234,893,453
Area 1,919,440
Official Languages Bahasa Indonesia
Best time to visit May to September

Fishing Tradidtional
A man fishing traditional style in the waves of the sea.

Balinese Woman Offering
Balinese woman carrying offering to a temple in a misty morning

Barong Balinese Dance
Fragment of a traditional Balinese dance, the Barong

Mountains Farmers
In the mountains of Indonesia, farmers tend to their fields

Nightview Jakarta
Night view of Jakarta city, one of Indonesia's biggest cities.

Powerful Wave
A powerful wave in Indonesia, where surfers around the world flock.

Rice Resource
Farmers plant rice, one of Indonesia's greatest resource.

Temple Para Ulun
The 17th Century Hindu-Buddhist temples of Para Ulun Danu Bratan.

Lory Parrot
The Chattering Lory is a parrot native to Indonesia

Water Palace
The Water Palace, located in Bali

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