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Ghana Travel Pictures

Vegetation Forest
The lush vegetation of the african tropical forest

Colorful Houses
Quiant, colorful houses in a typical Ghana city

Fulani Tribe
The Fulani tribe in west Africa is mostly nomadic, and present in countries from inland Mali to coastal Ghana

Ghana Tribespeople
Ghana Beach is the home to several tribespeople who live in huts

Yikpabonga Village
Houses of Yikpabongo village in northeastern Ghana are typical of the country, made of mud and adobe

Mud Church
One of the country's largest Mud Church at Navrongo Shrine

Semi Cave
A peaceful scene in a semi-cave

Mosque Banda Nkwanta
The small town of Banda Nkwanta in central Ghana contains this mosque which was constructed in the 18th century by Muslim groups who migrated south from Sudan

Towers Banda
One of the towers of a mosque in Banda Nkwanta

Wah Ghana
The Wah in southwest Ghana; this mosque was constructed in the 18th century by immigrant muslims

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