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Denmark Travel Pictures

Highlights: The Danish Vikings ravaged half of Europe over half a millennium ago.

Capital Copenhagen
Population 5,384,384
Area 43,094
Official Languages Danish
Best time to visit May and June

Carousel Christmastime Tivoli
A carousel in Christmastime in Tivoli, Copenhagen.

Statue National Hero Absalon
A statue of Danish national hero Archbishop Absalon on horseback.

Bridge Denmark Sweden
The bridge between Denmark and Sweden as it disappears in the mist.

Springtime Rosenborg Castle
Springtime in Rosenborg Castle

Castle Hamlet Elsinore
The Castle of Hamlet located in Elsinore

Frederiksborg Castle Hillerod
The Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerod

Nyhavn Canal Copenhagen
The Nyhavn Canal in Copenhagen Denmark and surrounding colorful residential buildings

Statue Little Mermaid Copenhagen Harbor
The famous statue of the 'The Little Mermaid' sits at the entrance to Copenhagen Harbor.

Pathway Beach Denmark
Pathway in the beach in northern Denmark

Wind Turbines Power Plant
Wind turbines and power plant near Copenhagen

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