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Czech-Republic Travel Pictures

Highlights: The Czech Republic is known for its castles.

Capital Prague
Population 10,249,216
Area 78,866
Official Languages Czech
Best time to visit April to June

Cornfield Countryside
A beautiful cornfield in the Czech countryside.

Charles Bridge
The East end of the Charles Bridge, located in Prague.

Railway Bridge Vltava
A working railway bridge across the river Vltava.

Landmark Prague
A historical landmark in Prague

Prague National Museum
A museum's interior from the Prague national museum.

Old Town Square
The Old Town Square in Prague

Snow Prague
Snow in wintertime Prague

Monks Cathedral Brno
Statues of monks gazing up at the stunning Cathedral in Brno.

Tourist Boat Vltava
A Tourist boat sails on the Vltava river.

Winter Ore Mountains
Winter in the Ore Mountains Czech Republic

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