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Croatia Travel Pictures

Highlights: Going through Dubrovnik, a walled medieval city, is a must in Croatia.

Capital Zagreb
Population 4,422,248
Area 56,542
Official Languages Croatian
Best time to visit April to September

Architecture Commerical Bldg
Great architectural details on a commercial building in Rijeka, Croatia

Cityscape Zagreb
A great view of the cityscape of Zagreb, capitol of Croatia

Summertime Vineyards
A summertime sun sets on green vineyards in Croatia.

Syline Rovinj
Skyline of the historic town of Rovinj, Croatia.

Lighthouse Dalmatia
A Lighthouse in Dalmatia during sunset.

Road Enchanted Forest
A road through an enchanted autumn forest.

Waterfall Roski Slap
A beatiful Waterfall, Roski Slap, in Krka National Park

Beachside Dubrovnik
The beachside city of Dubrovnik glistens along with the water.

Waterfalls Plitvice National Park
Waterfalls abound in Plitvice Lakes National Park

Waterfront Split
A Waterfront hotel from Split, Croatia

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