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Algeria Travel Pictures

Timgad Ancient Ruins
Timgad, ancient ruins made up of double rows of columns

Timgad Ancient Ruins 2
Timgad, ruins from ancient times stand majestically still in time

Desert Trekkers Sand Dunes
Desert trekkers going through the sand dunes in the Sahara Desert

Six Historic Bridges
One of the six historic bridges in Constantine, Algeria

Tipasa Ruins
Archeologic site of Tipasa, ruins overlooking the sea

Sahara Desert Dunes Mountains
Sahara desert dunes and mountains at dusk

Historic Bridge Constantine
One of the historic bridges in Constantine, Algeria

Muslim Couple Street Algeria
A Muslim couple walks down a main street in a major city in Algeria.

Old Church Anaba
The remnants of the old church of St. Augustine, located in Anaba, with the newly built church in the background

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