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Advice For Japan Travel :

Japan is a country where the past blends with the future. It is a wonderful experience for any traveler. There is much to see and do in this island nation. From the imposing Mount Fuji to the 88 Temple pilgrimage, Japan offers something for everyone. For the more traditional minded, the cities of Kyoto and Nara offer plenty of temples, shrines and museums. For the more modern, Japan’s capital Tokyo and Osaka are an absolute pleasure.

Spring and autumn are the best times of the year to be in Japan. In winter its cold throughout most of the country but it is a good time if one wants to go skiing. The months of June to August are best avoided as there are heavy rains and temperatures rise to as high as 40°C.

Getting into Japan is relatively easy, with Tokyo’s Narita airport being the hub of travelers. Traveling inside Japan is also very fast and comfortable, with an exceptionally efficient railway network. The famous Bullet train, with speeds of upto 300 km/h are the most popular and quick means of travel. For travelers who intend to travel a lot in Japan, there is the option of buying a Japan Rail Pass which allows unlimited travel for the duration of the trip.

The Tokyo National Museum is an attraction that one shopuld not miss when in Japan. It is Japan’s largest museum, with items ranging from sculpture and swords to art and archaeological finds. Its special feature is The Gallery of Horyuji Treasures, which houses Buddhist art and architectural marvels.

Tokyo Kyoto      


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