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Paris Attraction

One of Paris’s many famous landmarks is the Arc de Triomphe. Its unique feature is that it has avenues radiating towards every part of Paris. This wonderful work was constructed by Napoleon in 1806. The Cathedrale de Notre Dame is the heart of Paris. It offers great views of Paris city and is considered a marvel of medieval gothic architecture. Another of Paris’s exquisite works of architecture is the Sainte Chapelle. On the outskirts of Paris lies the home of  King Louis XVI, the Chateau de Versailles. Paris also has the Picasso Museum, which houses works from the famous painter.

Paris offers many places to shop. From bustling flea markets to high fashion stores, Paris has it all. One of the highlights of the shopping experience is the Le Printemps, which consists of three different stores in one. It offers an incredible range of designer labels. Cinema and theatre lovers can have a wonderful time in Paris. The nightlife is an attraction for travelers the world over, the Buddha Bar and the China Club being some of the most famous venues. The beautiful countryside in France offers various opportunities for cycling trips and hitchhiking. The Salers in the Mont du Cantal region is one such countryside village.

A trip to Paris is incomplete without a boat cruise on the Seine. The view of the city at night time is exceptionally brilliant. The best way to experience the sights and sounds of Paris is to walk on foot. It is possible to walk the entire length of the city in a couple of hours. This way, one can see the incredible number of shops, restaurants and cafes.