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Traveling To France : cheap flights france - paris france airfares flights

France is one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations simply because of its beautiful countryside, rich heritage and delicious cuisine. The best time to visit France is in spring and summer. For those interested in skiing and snow boarding, France’s Alps and Pyrenees offer great destinations for the winter.

France has enough breathtaking architecture, art and natural beauty to keep a traveler yearning for more. Paris is a shopper’s paradise. This beautiful city lies along the banks of the Seine River and is home to the world famous Eiffel Tower. Paris is also a great place for art lovers. A special feature is the Pompidou centre, which houses thousands of works of 20th century art. Paris has countless museums and galleries, the most famous being the Louvre. It contains the world’s most famous painting, Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. The Musee Rodin is one of the most visited museums in France. It was the residence of renowned sculptor Auguste Rodin and houses some of his most famous works.

Getting to France is quite easy with trains linking it with other European countries. The Eurostar is one of the most famous trains which connect Paris with London. High speed TGV trains are very popular for long distance travel in France. The Eiffel tower, standing at 320m, is France’s most important landmark. Three of its levels are open for the public to see. Public transport in Paris in the form of subway trains is very good and is used by most travelers.

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